"You are quite a popular inhabitant of paradise, where you lead the life of a king. Well, maybe there is one little thing missing: Lately, the worldly pleasures of the flesh had become increasingly tempting to you - despite not exactly being a divine trait.

Maybe you shouldn't have picked the bosses favorite angel though... "

Sexy Exile gives you the opportunity to date lots of hot girls and - if you're doing it right - make sweet love to them!


Hey everybody, this is Cucu & Zanzo. We are Peachaboo and we strive to create sexy and high-end 18+ adult games with fresh ideas.

Sexy Exile is our first big project and we are very happy to show you the first results of our long and hard work with this release. It's the prologue to our game and includes a full encounter in our arcade-style XXX Mode and a short Tutorial as well as a few story sequences to get things going.

With the help of our patrons (thanks a ton <3), we are currently working on our second core mode which is Date Mode, where you can get to know the girls and their stories in a fun blend of card and board game elements. Sexy Exile will be available for free.

We hope you enjoy our game so far. In any case, we would be thrilled to hear your feedback and hope you'll leave us a kind rating or maybe even consider supporting us in making Sexy Exile.

Read more about us, our game and our plans on our Patreon page: www.patreon.com/sexyexile

Cucu & Zanzo



-Unfortunately, support for HTML5 WebGL is still TERRIBLE on most mobile devices which can make for low frame rates, lags, and bad controls

- The second level is intentionally way harder here to have some kind of challenge in this early version and to show what later stages could look like. As soon as other girls are added (after Date Mode is finished), Anaela's second stage will be adjusted to make the difficulty ramp less steep.

- With each girl, we will add more power-ups and dynamic elements to X-Mode.

- For most people, the game runs best in chrome. Also, closing tabs, especially heavy stuff like facebook or youtube helps with performance. If you encounter any other problems, please open the console (strg+shift+i in chrome) and copy the error messages, if any.

StatusIn development
Made withPhaser
Tags2D, adult, Arcade, Casual, Erotic, hentai, sexy, xxx
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial, One button
LinksPatreon, Twitter


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10/10 would play again its "hard" but fun

unplayable cant see the full game cause it gets cut off no fullscreen option or at least resize the window....and it lags which is bad for a game with this gameplay type

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I need more information to comment on your problems. It sounds like you're trying to play on a mobile device? If so, you simply shouldn't, at least until the general support for WebGL is improved. This and several other performance tips are right there in the game.

sorry i actually replayed and enjoyed i meant to clear my dumb ass review keep up the work!

Whens the next update for this game? I really love this game and want more of it.

Hey zombieskull13, thanks for the love :3 

We're working hard to get the Date Mode Demo ready. As we're still forced to do this in our spare time, we can't always spend as much time on development as we would want, but we're getting there. We definitely want to release it before 2018 ends.

In the meantime, have you seen the two smaller releases (Mayu & Ignemis) we put out to shorten the wait?
Look here: https://peachaboo.itch.io/

Yes i have seen the two smaller realeses they are really good. Thank you for taking your time to read and respond to my question. Keep up the great work im really excited to see more of the game.

It's the least we can do :) thanks a ton for the support!


Is it just me, or is the game extremely laggy for some reason?

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We provide lots of information on that and what you can do about it in the menu screen :)