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Do you guys have a planned date whe the game will get done? I'm really anxious to play it, great work!

Hey rrr, thanks a lot, we're glad you like our game!
We are working hard to get this whole thing done, but are experiencing some delays nonetheless unfortunately. We will update when there is more to say, so stay tuned.


is there more to the game? like without paying?

There will be much more, yes. Can't provide an ETA at this point, though.

It's a fun game but for some reason after every time i clear stage 1 and go onto stage 2 it plays normals for like 5 seconds then all the orbs and mines come at once then nothing...... So I can't beat the round. I've tried different platforms, it didn't seem to make a difference for me tho. 

Hello, I've encountered this bug once or twice but have not seen it in such a consistent way. I'm afraid there will be no fix for it in the near future as the game will be ported to a different engine soon and hopefully finished in the not too distant future. If you have tried different browsers also, I unfortunately can't give you any more tips for now :/ Thank you for playing in any case!

Its really hard for me but fun, Its a 10/10, Cause I just got this and i barely can past the first level ... ;~;

10/10 this game is challeging and so hard 

The grapics was good, but my question is this game gonna app soon or nah? 

10/10 would play again its "hard" but fun

unplayable cant see the full game cause it gets cut off no fullscreen option or at least resize the window....and it lags which is bad for a game with this gameplay type

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I need more information to comment on your problems. It sounds like you're trying to play on a mobile device? If so, you simply shouldn't, at least until the general support for WebGL is improved. This and several other performance tips are right there in the game.

sorry i actually replayed and enjoyed i meant to clear my dumb ass review keep up the work!

Whens the next update for this game? I really love this game and want more of it.

Hey zombieskull13, thanks for the love :3 

We're working hard to get the Date Mode Demo ready. As we're still forced to do this in our spare time, we can't always spend as much time on development as we would want, but we're getting there. We definitely want to release it before 2018 ends.

In the meantime, have you seen the two smaller releases (Mayu & Ignemis) we put out to shorten the wait?
Look here:

Yes i have seen the two smaller realeses they are really good. Thank you for taking your time to read and respond to my question. Keep up the great work im really excited to see more of the game.

It's the least we can do :) thanks a ton for the support!

2019 is almost ending. It is still not here. When are you guys gonna release it?

Hey Beefy, making a game is incredibly complex. New challenges arise at every corner. Be assured that we are working harder than ever to get this done, but unfortunately we are still experiencing some delays. The game will be all the better for it though ;) Thanks for your interest, we will update when there is more to say.

Thx for all the hard you guys put in the game . I'll look forward to playing the game and sharing

thanks so much for caring <3


Is it just me, or is the game extremely laggy for some reason?

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We provide lots of information on that and what you can do about it in the menu screen :)